Digital Image Capture and Giclée printing

High Definition Digital Image capturing 

  • 1 image - $15.00
  • 2+ images - $10.00
  • digital images are provided on USB Flash Drive, emailed, or uploaded to the cloud for easy download
  • Includes 1 hour of basic image editing if needed/requested (cropping, sharpening, basic color enhancements – vibrancy, toning, etc.) as discussed. 

Giclée print charge 

  • Paper: 0.06 per square inch
  • Canvas: 0.07 per square inch
  • Poster: 0.04 per square inch
  • 5x7 Greeting card package (see below under current papers for package details)
    • 1.90: package with printing on the front of the card
    • + 0.10: printing on the back of the card
    • + 0.10: printing inside card
    • + 0.10: printing on envelope 
  • Enhanced editing and Color Matching to the original artwork
    • $20.00 an hour additional charge
    • Enhanced editing. This includes removing or adding objects, people, editing faces (eyes, smiles, etc.), changing backgrounds and foregrounds, color adjustments, merging images, etc.
    • Color matching an image to an original piece of artwork.
      • Color matching can take a lot of time and paper to get the print to look like an original. The color of the light also plays a role in how colors are seen. My studio lights are set at 5800K (kelvin) or average daylight. You will see prints look different when compared between warm tungsten and cool fluorescent lights. The average midday sunlight is between 5000K-6000K.
      • An “ok” color match can usually be accomplished in less than two hours. A better or very good color match can take up to 4 hours while an almost perfect color match can take 8 hours or more. 

Canvas stretching 

  • Standard stretcher bars: 0.12 per inch
  • Gallery wrap stretcher bars: 0.16 per inch
  • Cross Braces: 0.08 per inch
    • Used to help stabilize the stretched canvas for lengths 26 inches or larger
  • Price includes bars and stretching – stapling on back.


  • Papers and canvas can be permanently mounted on various types of boards with a maximum size of 32" x 40". The print cannot be removed. 
    • Black foam core board: 0.018 per square inch

Current Papers 

  • Current Paper types (archival fine art papers):
    • Matte
    • Satin
    • Gloss
    • Metallic semi-gloss
    • Velvet
    • Cold Press Watercolor
    • Matte Canvas (standard canvas)
    • Greeting card package – gloss 5x7 pre-scored, 7x10 unfolded, envelope, & clear bag
    • Poster – standard white bond paper 

Example of price calculations 

For example, image 18” x 24” = 432 square inches.
Basic editing and printing on:

  • Paper: 432 x 0.06 = $25.92
  • Canvas: 432 x 0.07 = $30.24

Stretching the canvas on standard stretcher bars (18 * 2) + (24 * 2) = 84” * 0.12 = 10.08.

All prices listed is in U.S. currency. If you have additional questions or interested in this service please contact the Studio.